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VPN Account:    iphonevpn

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Our Free IPsec VPN service is 100% compatible with Apple iPhone 6, iPad 2 and iPod Touch's built-in VPN client!

It's very easy to configure our Free VPN account in Apple's mobile device and portable Tablet - including the latest best selling iPhone 4 and WiFi/3G iPad! here are the instructions:

Press home button to bring the default home page back to iPhone/iPad screen; 

Through the touchscreen, using finger to press "Settings" icon in the home screen, then press General - Network - VPN - Add VPN Configuration... to pop up the configuration window as below: 

Tap on IPSec.

At "Server", type  us.freeiphonevpn.com (ip list check below)

At "Account", type your VPN Account (Check above)  

For Password, type your VPN password (Check above) 

For Group Name, type ipsec

For Secret, type ipsec

Press "Save" the the top-right corner.

VPN Server List: UNITED STATES us.freeiphonevpn.com UNITED KINGDOM uk.freeiphonevpn.com

 jp.freeiphonevpn.com Ukraine VPN ua.freeiphonevpn.com



 Finished! Each time you want to turn on your VPN connection, go to "Settings", and choose a VPN configuration and then Turn VPN ON.   

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