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If you do NOT have Netflix at all “change your iTunes account to USA , if you already have the Netflix app you are set. Now you do need to use either VPN  as listed below. 

Both methods will also unlock a wide range of other channels such as  Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Watch ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, PBS, A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, Watch ESPN, WWE Network, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, Crackle, Crunchyroll.



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Our Free IPsec VPN service is 100% compatible with Apple iPhone , iPad  and iPod Touch's built-in VPN client!

It's very easy to configure our Free VPN account in Apple's mobile device and portable Tablet - including the latest best selling iPhone 4 and WiFi/3G iPad! here are the instructions:

Press home button to bring the default home page back to iPhone/iPad screen; 

Through the touchscreen, using finger to press "Settings" icon in the home screen, then press General - Network - VPN - Add VPN Configuration... to pop up the configuration window as below: 

Tap on IPSec.

At "Server", type  us.freeiphonevpn.com (ip list check below)

At "Account",  : vpntraffic 

For Password, type  vpntraffic.com

For Group Name, type ipsec

For Secret, type ipsec

Press "Save" the the top-right corner.

VPN Server List: UNITED STATES us.freeiphonevpn.com UNITED KINGDOM uk.freeiphonevpn.com




 Finished! Each time you want to turn on your VPN connection, go to "Settings", and choose a VPN configuration and then Turn VPN ON.   

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